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Edgecam Cad/cam Software

After searching the UK market we are pleased to say we have made a purchase for the Edgecam Cad/Cam software. This will aid in the programming of multiple machining techniques for both the Milling and Turning sections.

This was the final requirement to link up the skills of our engineers with the new machines and give us new capabilities with current and potential new customers.

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Mill / Turn machining. A new capability for Matrix Precision.

A brand new machine has been purchased and we can now complete certain components without the need to have multiple set up and various machines to complete all machining aspects.

This is viewed as a clever investment by us here at Matrix Precision. For more details about this machine can be seen on our Mill / Turn section within our website services page.

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Hurco 5 axis Machining Centre. ‘In our view it’s a game changer!’

For the increase in capability and offering a far greater choice of machining strategy’s. This new investment by Matrix Precision is one of our biggest and most important ever made!

We are excited to have this new machine within our workshop and will be hopefully the first of several to be purchased in the coming few years.

Please check out our website section on this machine to find out more.

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Apprenticeships… Now is the time for Matrix Precision to have our own

With the increasing problem of finding the correct skillset within the engineering sector for skilled engineers and CNC machinists. Matrix Precision have decided to take on apprentices and be ready for the future!

The plan being to introduce 1 to 2 new apprentices into the business for the next few years. With the long term strategy being to have fully skilled and competent engineers trained and suitably qualified to tackle the demands of the modern day engineering world… Watch this space!

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Tricorn Systems. Software add-ons

Having made the choice to invest in Tricorn systems software back in May 2014 and getting this set up correctly to suit our bespoke needs. After several years of using this software we decided to upgrade and improve the software to offer us even more.

The decision was made as the add-ons meant we now have capability for Workshop Scheduling & shop floor data capture. Plus with bar code readers placed by each machine means we can record important data from the engineers. Such as what operations were completed and by whom, how long it took them to complete etc.

Plus we have the added benefit of real time planning and can view what machines are working on what jobs at any time of the day without having to go into the workshop.

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