Located in Thatcham (near Newbury) Berkshire, Matrix Precision Engineering Ltd can be found working from within a purpose built facility. The move to this location in January 2012 has enabled the company to continue with its Growth & Development Strategy.

This has allowed us to enhance and improve the range of services we offer to our customers. At Matrix Precision we believe that the quality of service we provide on a constant basis to all of our customers is what has helped us achieve and maintain the enviable reputation we have established. Other companies can offer similar services, however we strongly believe our service cannot be beaten.

The team at Matrix Precision makes the company what it is today, striving to collectively offer the dedicated professional service for which the company has become renowned.

We are constantly looking at methods to improve the services we offer; creating and forging working partnerships has proven to be an important aspect. Many of our existing customers are totally reliant on Matrix Precision completing projects and part piece requirements for them. We ensure quality is evident in all we undertake, whilst closely monitoring the important aspects of delivery dates being achieved and projects being delivered on-time.

Building partnerships and strong working relations also means our customers often place a great amount of trust in our ability to supply all aspects of the orders placed. One of the main reasons we have such a large customer base is down to our principles and never wanting to disappoint our customers.

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