This is being achieved through a combination of bringing services in house as well as utilising our supply chain.

We believe in bringing core competence services in-house and utilising the expertise of our partners by using supply chain management. This ensures we never compromise our ability to give our customers the highest level of service and expertise.

There are many services we undertake and complete in-house though we have over the years established a trusted and professional service network. Using only approved suppliers we source many other engineering services.

This is the best strategy to deliver the full requirement to our customer, at every stage we manage our supply chain ensuring the services called upon meet our own high standards.

It’s not possible to list all of the services we provide, however here are the main ones:

  • Sheet metalwork & fabrications
  • Laser and Waterjet cutting
  • Gear cutting
  • Grinding
  • Heat treatments
  • Surface Finishing (Typically Powder Coating , Anodising, Zinc & Chrome Plating)
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